AP Automation for a Large Defense Contractor

AP Automation for a Large Defense Contractor

Optima was engaged by Document Imaging Group to aid in the design and deployment of an accounts payable solution for a multi-billion dollar defense contractor. Due to the nature of their business, this end user customer has chosen to remain anonymous.

The end user customer chose Kofax TotalAgility as their business process management platform of choice, and Document Imaging Group leveraged Optima’s transcendAP solution and expertise on the KTA platform to meet the needs of this customer as an alternative to custom designing a solution from scratch. The customer requirements were extensive including 45 distinct business rules for exception handling alone. Optima was able to successfully translate these requirements into functional workflows using transcendAP as the foundation and customizing the solution to provide the customer precisely what they had requested.

The result was a working solution automating invoice capture and processing which meets all of the customer’s requirements deployed in less than 4 months. This timeframe would not have been possible without the transcendAP framework and implementation assistance from Optima technical resources.


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December 2, 2016

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