Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Web Solutions

Philadelphia Corporation for Aging Web Solutions

Re-engineered legacy system (Data General) – 3 year effort

Re-engineered Data General Mainframe from a COBOL platform to a Client Server, Web based platform. A 3 year effort with a 20 member team. System contains a full suite of applications used in the management of care of approximately 150,000 elderly consumers in the city of Philadelphia. Includes modules for Consumer Demographics, Care Planning, Departmental Tracking, Wait Listing and Provider Demographics/Budgeting. System was developed in ASP.Net, VB.Net, Visual Studio, Crystal Reports, Oracle and a slew of add-on tool. System was used by over 1000 users.

e–Forms Portal (Business Process Automation)

Automated over 200 internal operational processes such Employee Leave, Expense Tracking, Employee On-Boarding, Employee Appraisal etc. System had various Business Activity monitoring for management. Used a BPMS Suite (Skelta) to automate these processes. E-Form portal is used by over 200 employees.

Web based assessment tool

Application used to conduct assessments of mental/physical/financial health of Philadelphia elderly community in consumer’s home. Uses Oracle and Access Databases Ability to run the application in “disconnected” mode so that the assessment can be done in elderly consumer’s home. Used by over 300 users on a daily basis.

Web based Service Orders

When services are ordered for a consumer a detailed listing of services for the consumer is placed on PCA website for service providers. All providers have unique logins to access service requests. Uses Oracle Database. Used by 50+ service providers throughout the city on a daily basis.

Web based Provider Billing

PCA Providers enter billing information on a daily basis for consumers served and amount of service provided. Uses Oracle Database and interfaces with PeopleSoft accounting packing for payment of service providers. Used by 50+ service providers throughout the city on a daily basis.

Housing Management System

Used by the PCA Senior Housing Assistance Repair Program (SHARP) to provide low-cost repairs to elderly of Philadelphia. Used to track labor and material costs of repair performed. Draws upon and inventory of over 50,000 parts grouped by repair type. Uses Oracle Database and interfaces with PeopleSoft accounting packing for creation and payment of invoices.

Community Choice Shared Database

Data entry application used by all counties in PA to report information as it relates the Community Choice program. This program tracks all aspects consumer service including how quickly potential consumers receive assessments through enrollment in a service program.

Senior Center Touch Screen System

Used by Senior Centers in the city of Philadelphia to record attendance and registration of senior center activities through the use of touch screen technology. All activities available for the day are displayed on a touch screen where seniors “touch” the activity they will be attending.

A separate PDA application has been developed that allows recording of attendance at separate satellite locations where a network connection would not be feasible.

Automated Scheduler

Application automates scheduling of clinical/financial assessments for the elderly of Philadelphia. Assessments are scheduled on a daily basis from a pool of approximately 100 assessors in real-time as the elderly consumer is on the phone.

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November 16, 2016