Omnichannel Capture

Capture Documents of Any Type from Any Source

The amount of data organizations need to process and manage is constantly growing and is coming from more diverse sources – paper, the web, mobile devices, and more. To best serve your customers’ needs while remaining competitive and innovative, it is critical to be able to efficiently and effectively capture and process all of this data regardless of its source. Omnichannel Capture improves your productivity by delivering this data to your mission critical systems and gives you the ability to access and manage data to assess and manage current and future steps in your development and growth.

We can help you centralize your capture process with an Omnichannel Capture Smart Process Application.

Regardless of the source, the capture process includes the following necessary steps:

  1. Collect documents and files from various sources and various formats
  2. Identify the start & end of each document
  3. Determine the document’s type or classification
  4. Assign unique metadata to each document
  5. Extract useful information for use in your critical systems
  6. Deliver the documents & information to these business systems

An Omnichannel Capture solution automates these steps accepting images and documents from scanned paper, fax, email, web portals, mobile apps, and other sources then uses advanced image enhancement and text recognition tools to automate the process removing manual human tasks and errors.