Sabrina Yeung

Interaction Designer

I decided to take this internship after I completed a design bootcamp. Throughout my 4 months as an intern I had a lot of independence on the multiple projects I was working on, but also received really valuable feedback so I was able to iterate and grow on both the projects and myself as a designer. It was also a great starting point for me because I had a chance to also work with developers and project/managers and get a feel of what working in an agile environment is like. I learned a tremendous amount in the time I interned, and was offered a full time role there shortly after!


I would say one of the things I liked the most was getting a chance to work on a number of different projects and never being micromanaged. Ash treats everyone equally and gives everyone a voice in the office, whether you’re just starting out as an intern or someone more senior. IDX is a great place for anyone willing to work hard, learn and grow.

Pam Mason 

Office Manager

I started working at Optima Global Solutions on November 27th, 2017. My time here has been very busy but interesting, challenging and fulfilling (and fun!). My co-workers have been extremely helpful in all aspects of my position which includes HR (payroll, benefits), AP/AR, travel arrangements, expense reporting and general office maintenance. As a result, I feel very comfortable and confident in my role.  We definitely function as a team and that makes coming to work every day a pleasure. I have also learned a lot about our company and the many diverse aspects of what we do. It is great to be part of a successful, growing business. I hope to be part of Optima Global Solutions for a long time!

Jamie Lee

Marketing Intern


I took the role as the marketing intern when a friend of mine recommended I work at Optima because her time as an intern was ending. I loved the role when she described it to me, and I was so excited to start my role as the marketing intern. I love to write and think outside of the box, and this company really encouraged me to challenge myself when marketing to various prospects. I have learned to be proactive and not to be shy when reaching out to new people. I was given the opportunity to share my opinions, and to really put myself out there when thinking of new ideas. Optima made me feel welcome from my first day, and it made me really appreciate the company. 

Due Nguyen

UI/UX Design Intern

Basically, I’ve been working as an intern at Optima office in Pleasanton, CA for over two months so far, and I have a great time working here. The culture at Optima is great. As a UI/UX designer, my task is to discuss and to exchange ideas with the project managers and other designers and do what they require me to. During the progress, they check on my work occasionally to make sure that I am on the right track, and after I’m done, they review to see if the work needs to be redone and verify it. I’ve learned how the progress is done professionally and properly step-by-step from A to Z. I also discuss with the developers here to come up with the best solutions and work things out, etc. My experience is awesome thanks to Optima giving me a chance. I also would like to thank you for giving me a chance to express my opinion.

Ariel  Toy

Marketing/PR Intern

I had no idea how much I would grow in my role at Optima Global Solutions. As an intern, I was never bored. I worked on a variety of projects and learned a great deal from management. When I needed clarification, everyone was willing to help. The management did not see me asn intern, they saw me as a regular employee. Optima definietly exceeded my expectations; any role here is an opportunity for growth.