Optima Global Solutions was honorably named one of NJBIZ’s 50 Fastest Growing Companies in New Jersey of 2018. We were ranked #28 this year, three places higher than our 2015 ranking.

To achieve a high level of growth, we expanded our expertise into Smart Process Applications, a new classification of software for automating business processes, such as accounts payable, expense reporting, vendor management, and employee on-boarding, and we began building mobile application solutions for clients to solve problems in customer on-boarding, access management, and fraud detection. Our consulting division continues to provide technical talent across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

Our CEO Mahesh Yadav says, “The high demand for tech talent and the shortage of the same within the United States is one of the biggest challenges we see affecting the industry, for our company as well as our customers. In order to overcome this challenge, we have strategically started focusing on product development where we are able to deploy our software and solutions quickly and without the need to have large teams and resources for implementations. This enables our clients to see the ROI much faster and at a much reduced cost.”