OK, if your ERP system is SO old that you’re still using this clunker, you’re in worse shape than I thought! But you CAN breathe new life into legacy ERP systems by providing process automation without having to completely “rip and replace” your system. Projects to upgrade or replace an ERP system are not only costly, but time consuming and potentially disruptive. transcendAP is an accounts payable automation solution built on the Kofax TotalAgility software platform that automates invoice capture, performs intelligent 2-way and 3-way matching of PO data, routes invoices electronically for approvals, allows for easy GL coding, and seamlessly transfers invoice data to your ERP system of choice. This solution has been proven to eliminate paper invoices from the AP process. This results in a significant reduction in the level of effort required to process accounts payable invoices leading to reduced labor costs and improved productivity. Eliminating paper also improves compliance, eliminates lost invoices, and costly paper storage.

The open database integration tools designed into this system leverages Microsoft SQL tables and open communication standards like web services or ODBC connections to enable bi-directional communication with any ERP that can also read and write to SQL tables. This means that you don’t need a complicated API built for your legacy ERP solution. It also means that if and when you get to the point where you do consider that ERP upgrade or replacement, you can continue to use your transcendAP solution simply “pointing” the tables to your new solution. By connecting accounts payable processing with your ERP system, your AP department can immediately take full advantage of productivity and efficiency gains that an accounts payable automation system provides without waiting for management to approve a new ERP.

The benefits of integrating transcendAP invoice processing solution with your current ERP:

  • Easy integration reduces the need for custom APIs
  • The solution framework is deployed quickly then configured to meet your specific system needs
  • Eliminates 100% of the handling and storage of paper invoices
  • Captures email invoices automatically without any human intervention
  • Eliminates the need for manual data entry – Kofax is the industry leader in intelligent data capture
  • Easy GL coding shortcuts and templates
  • Automate 2 & 3-way matching of invoice line items
  • Centralized processing and controls
  • Complete audit trail of all activity including user comments
  • Analytic dashboards provide 100% visibility to both process efficiency and accounts payable metrics
  • Instantly access images and data associated with invoices that are in-flight, in the ERP, or archived digitally

transcendAP is not a product it is a framework built on the most flexible and powerful development platforms available, Kofax Total Agility. Optima’s strength is in our ability to objectively evaluate your specific processing challenges, and design a customized solution for you leveraging our proven framework. Our extensive experience in developing business process solutions coupled with our technical expertise enables us to effectively analyze your current situation and future goals, then recommend feasible and cost effective solutions to fit the needs of any business problem and challenge we are faced with. That means once you have solved your AP processing problems, you can systematically attack other business processes including those in Human Resources, Operations, and Sales – all without having to change your back-end systems of record.